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Volunteer Information

Volunteer (unpaid assistant) Fees

Fees are needed to cover cost for food and other personal operating cost that happen during the volunteer period. Meal  will be provided  at the place of the host family. At least   three meals a day , consisting of local food in accordance with the  family menu .In most cases accommodation will be very basic in a village as well as  room willwithout toilet with a Neplai family close to the project are . Mostly the toilet will be outsideif you wish to supplement your diet  with other foods, you will have arrange own your own. When supplementary resources allow, we hope to provide free food and accommodation for our volunteers in the future. However, at this time, to be a part of our project, it is necessary for us to charge our volunteers these fees to cover expenses.


Up to 1 week                 150 USD
2 weeks                       200 USD
3 week                        250 USD
1 month                       300 USD
Each additional month          300 USD

Fees Include

Airport picks up and drops off
Meals provided by the host family (at least 3 meals per day)Food

Fees do not include

Any facilities other than confirmed in the fees list (all airfare from home country to Kathmandu and end of your placement, other personal and medical expenses will be the own responsibility).

Pick up

The service we provided is not compulsory. You can arrange you own travel to visit us in our office or a nearby location where we will welcome you. All details are arranged through email.Steep for being a good volunteer

You have viewed our webpage and have made the decision to join our volunteer program, but where do you start?

Choose a program
Chose a program that best suits your talents and  passions. We feel that  it is best that you select  one program for each volunteer period. You can always volunteer for another program in the future


Fill out our application from to register for the program of your choice. We suggest that you fill out all
necessary information to ensure timely processing. To enable us to better understand your needs, please placeany special request of concerns in the comment box prior to submitting you application.

Verification and program schedule

After compliance, your request will be evaluated and verified within a week. Once you have made and confirmed you flight reservations, please make us aware of your flight schedule. We will then re-confirm your program dates and send you an itinerary.

Start travel your program

Pack essential travel credentials, medications and clothing needed for the duration of your stay. If you have
questions about what is necessary or suitable, please contact us for recommendations. Get in your plane, relax and get ready for new exciting activity in Nepal

Pick you up

As soon as we have  got your flight details ,You will be salutation and picked up from entry point of Nepal.
This will normally be at the Tribhuvan international airport Kathmandu, Nepal, if you arrive from any country
other than Nepal. Someone to meet you, will be transported to your accommodation in Kathmandu and then refreshmenttalk with our spokesperson.

Disburse your program fee

Once you have been transported to hotel, after refreshment talk, you will need to sing a volunteer contract
and pay you program fee.

You Briefing / Orientation

After all paper work and fees have been processed,  you will have a day  or more at the beginning of your  placement  to rest and recover  from jetlag and  member of HSWS will help you get your bearing around Kathmandu. We will review the program basics with you and answer any additional question you might have at that time and give you an introduction to Nepali culture. You will now be ready to get matured so you can start your volunteer program.

You have Criminal Record Check

Since our work is with children as well as social  justice, we will require a CRC( criminal record check) to be carriedout on all volunteers. We appreciate you co-operation in this.

Be introduce to your host/Host family

Most volunteers elect to stay with a Nepalese host family/school quarter. This is not only a more economical
option but it allows the volunteer to attract their surrounding and to more fully overwhelm themselves in the
family traditions. If the volunteer chooses to stay in a hotel, those expenses will be the responsibility of
the volunteer.

Start your program

You are now geared up to get started on your thrilling adventure as a program volunteer. Be arrange, be on time, just have fun and enjoy your time with our program activity.

Take your time to schedule a tour

If you are interested, there are many tour destinations available. Read more about this exciting opportunity on travel and stroll (most of all are trekking and tour professional; we will give you the Information).

Time out for leisure

Many volunteers find that they want to spend some time just comforting previous to returning home. We will
assist you with this option, if you decide to spend a few more days in Nepal. Just let us know that you wish to spend some leisure time with us and we assist with those preparations.


After you have offer everyone farewell, we will take you to exit port in Nepal for you journey home.


HSWS volunteers are asked to help with whatever work needs to be done at the time of their volunteering stay and obviously takes into consideration the wishes of  the volunteer with regards to the work they do during their stay. Volunteers with special skills including teaching, medical, dentistry, eye care etc can especially be used to help the individual projects.Any voluntary donations which volunteers would like to give to HSWS are always gratefully received.
We are charitable bas organization;therefore Volunteer has no minimal salary facilities.

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People's Voice
     Devi's Grandmother
Devi's Grandmother Says:
It was dark evening, where is her mother? She is died! What? She left small children and gone to the second man. We found that she is gone with second husband. It was said moment for everyone. Asked about Devi how she is in study? Her grandmother replied she is in good. And hard working in study. But her father and mother is not at home. I got responsibilities for those children, Said by Dev's grand mother. Devi has sister. Both of them are with grand mother. This we have found in Devi’s life. Even though we are there for her to support for her study. We found her in school good and intelligent student. Her grandmother has very much pleased to the person, who has been looking after her grandchild. Says many thanks from her. Even form public were appreciate the work what we have done.
- Nepal

     Babita's Mother
Babita's Mother Says:
My Name is Buna pokharel. I have given birth to 7 children. My daughter Babita pokharel has sponsored from Hiscos. She is inspired to go school. She never stays at home. She is supported by Hiscos.It help us so much, we don't have to buy any education met arils. I say thank you say thank you very much for supporter and Hiscos.
- Nepal

     Devraj's Mother
Devraj's Mother Says:

Namaskar! I am mother of Devraj. My husband is in India to work as porter, he used carry heavy load in Indian city. In my family we are 6 People.3 Daughter and 1 soon. He is very much Interested in his study. He is very cleaver and good in study. Every exam he holds first and second position. They are knee to see their father. but he has to work for the family. From Hiscos my soon is supported for his study and we still have to struggle for our daughter study. my economic condition is very poor. My children get school uniform, exercise book, pen/pencil and other necessary materials for his school I very happy and like to say thank you very much for the who supported my children and for Hiscos too.

- Nepal

     Devika's Father
Devika's Father Says:

Namaste! My Name is Gokarna Sarki. My Daughter name is Devika mijar. We are 5 members in family, 2 Daughter and 1 son. My wife and I working very hard for my family. My children are going to school with the help of Hiscos. Devika is study at Gogandanda primary school. She study at class two(she has shown to us the hand writing during her visit).I am very happy because My children are supported for education. Which they can read and write. With my economic condition, I am not able to provide good education. So I would like to say thank you very much to the supporter of Daughter as well as Hiscos

- Nepal


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