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Sponsored children

Child Sponsorship is a fundraising mechanism. Through sponsorship, individuals in the funding people are linked with children and communities of dRare moment of happinesseveloping countries. The individuals linked with children are called supporters. Child Sponsorship is one of most reliable source of fundraising that provides regular funds (from supporters) which enable the long term planning which gives the opportunity of going to school.  Once they are able to go school, the children will be involved in different activities necessary to bring lasting change to disadvantaged communities and marginalized people. As for Hiscos, all supporters are trekking tourists and the number of supporters is increasing. These people provide their valuable support for bringing change to disadvantaged communities of Nepal.

How much does it cost ?

The approximately cost calculation for one child as per year as follows:

1) School uniform cost per year - $65/-

2) School materials including exercise book and pencil - $88/-

3) Books including extra curriculum books per year - $20/-

4) Hire a teacher cost per year - $1930/-

5) Sponsor a child (excluding food) per year - $240/-

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Sumina Mijar
Sumina Mijar

Place of Born: Japhe-7
Detail of Child: 

Her name is Sumina Nepali and she lives in Japhe village. Numbers of family are founded in their family are six. Still in society the thought of son is higher and one is looking forward to have it. Due to illiteracy the people are having more children to have hope of son. One son and three daughter are the example of it .they are from poor family and it hard to exit in day to day life. Due to the reason guardians of family is not able to send their children to school, even though parents want send their children to school. I search of our visit we have found the sumina who need the support.  Hiscos  has visit  her home  and  found situation , She is  girl , in our society gender quality is  the  main focus so that  we have select her and  brought  to the Himalayan spirit academy as a sponsored child .

Rasmita pokharel
Rasmita pokharel

Place of Born: Japhe- Dolakha
Detail of Child: 

Name:- Rasmita pokharel
class:- One
Father :- Pradhumna Pokharel
Her hobbise are singing and dancing .She wants to play indoor games with her classmates.
Family background :-10 years  old Rasmita  is studying in class one.number of people in
her family are 5.She has one brother and one sister.Her father  was  social mobilizer in
the  society, certainly he  is suffering from paralze disease and his half of  the  body
is not moving.All amount of his  earning was  spend on  his treatment. no one has job to
earn  money in family.

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