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Sponsored children

Child Sponsorship is a fundraising mechanism. Through sponsorship, individuals in the funding people are linked with children and communities of dRare moment of happinesseveloping countries. The individuals linked with children are called supporters. Child Sponsorship is one of most reliable source of fundraising that provides regular funds (from supporters) which enable the long term planning which gives the opportunity of going to school.  Once they are able to go school, the children will be involved in different activities necessary to bring lasting change to disadvantaged communities and marginalized people. As for Hiscos, all supporters are trekking tourists and the number of supporters is increasing. These people provide their valuable support for bringing change to disadvantaged communities of Nepal.

How much does it cost ?

The approximately cost calculation for one child as per year as follows:

1) School uniform cost per year - $65/-

2) School materials including exercise book and pencil - $88/-

3) Books including extra curriculum books per year - $20/-

4) Hire a teacher cost per year - $1930/-

5) Sponsor a child (excluding food) per year - $240/-

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Uttam B.K
Uttam B.K

Place of Born: Japhe-3, Dolakha
Detail of Child: 
Uttam B.K is grown in Iron Smith Family, he is 10 years old. He has 2 brothers. 5 member of family is living together. Kuber B.k is father of Uttam B.k, His work as iron smith. He has small piece of land, which hold one month feeding for family, He is back warded in all sector due to the uneducated position .Mr Kuber's family is uneducated. He realized that he was back warded because he can't read and write. He is willing to make his children educated, but his personal effort in not enough. The child seems very cleaver and talent but they did not get any chance. In such situation if he gets small support the children will surely make their future bright and brings changes in society. If Uttam got such opportunity on time raise a ray of bright future

Madan Achhami
Madan Achhami

Place of Born: Japhe-8, Dolakha
Detail of Child: 

Madan Achhami is the son of Dipak Achhami. He is 11 years old .The Madan's family is not educated .nobody has told them to go school at their childhood as they are back warded in all sector due to lake of education .Dipak has understand education is important. But his economics condition is low. The society has changed very fast. Their parents want to make their children educated but they were unable due to domestic and economic problem. But their children were keen interested to learn. In such situation if Madan get help, he will make his future bright and brings changes in society .if they got such opportunity .they will escape from poverty discrimination for the society.

Kajiram Ramtel
Kajiram Ramtel

Place of Born: Japhe-9, Dolakha
Detail of Child: 

Kajiram ramtel is 9 years old .he don't know his father. He is born with rape .his mother is couldn't speak known as dump .so the person who rape his mother is not found and catch until now. In this situation we would like to support him. His mother could not speak but, she is happy when Kaji is going to school. If he stays at home, she is embarrassed. We can see the belief and hope of ray on her face. His uncle and grandmother want to make Kajiram educated and high profile on society, so that the father will shock and come out, so the truth is known. To make this object possible, we all have to support Kajram. With single effort of his family is unable due to domestic and economic problem. Kaji ram have a keen interest on learning . He is skill full and talent. In such situation if he get support he will make his future bright and brings distract changes in our society.

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People's Voice
     Devika's Father
Devika's Father Says:

Namaste! My Name is Gokarna Sarki. My Daughter name is Devika mijar. We are 5 members in family, 2 Daughter and 1 son. My wife and I working very hard for my family. My children are going to school with the help of Hiscos. Devika is study at Gogandanda primary school. She study at class two(she has shown to us the hand writing during her visit).I am very happy because My children are supported for education. Which they can read and write. With my economic condition, I am not able to provide good education. So I would like to say thank you very much to the supporter of Daughter as well as Hiscos

- Nepal


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