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Third Annual Reoprt of 2066/2067

Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society
Japhe-06, Dolakha
Fiscal Year 2066/2067 As on  16July 2009 to 15 July 2010
Approved by 3rd Annual General Meeting  


Our country Nepal has more village than towns. Unless nepal can develop village, the development or upliftment of country proves to be impossible. Understanding this statement, to remove the line of poverty, uneducation, to develop the status of education, health, drinking water, irrigation, turism, helpless person different ithnic group, being the against of misconception this Himilayan Spirit Welfare Society is establish. This organization is runnig smoothly by the help of young people of japhe V.D.C of Dolakha district.


Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society
Fiscal Year 2066/2067(16July 2009 to 15 July 2010) 

Balance Sheet



This  Year 2066/2067



  B/F From   P/l  Account







03 Current Assets



Cash at hand



Cash at bank



Total Current Asssets



Current Liabilities



Account Payable


Audite Expenditure



T.D.S on Audite Fee



Total  Current Liabilities



Net current Assets



Total Assets


Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society
Fiscal Year 2066/2067(16July 2009 to 15 July 2010) 

 Income  and Expenditure Statment

  particulars This  Year 2066/2067
Last Year 2065/2066
01 Entry Fee 50.00 00.00
  Membership Fee 1000.00 00.00
  Membership Re-newed fee 7000.00 7000.00
  Donation Collation from Krishna 30010.00 30196.00
  Donation collation from Hari 10000.00


  Donation Recived From Petra 331050.00 78705.00
  Donation Recived From Tatijana 27455.00 00.00
  Donation Recived From Stephanie 13293.00 00.00
  Eye camp Ticket Fee 00.00 4284.00
  Intrest From Bank 1582.40 126.67
  Sales of Assets 1600.00   
   Computer Donation From Markush Furnish 1 40100.00 00.00
  Computer Donation From Krishna Gautam 1 20000.00 00.00
  Fuji Camer Donation From krishna Gautam 19800.00 00
  TOTAL INCOME( CASH AND GOODS) 502940.40 128311.67
  Orgaization  Renew and  Registration Expenditure 600.00 1200.00
  Stationary,Printing and photo copy Expenditure 4091.00 17104.00
  Excercise book and pen/ Pecncil 149726.50  
  Transpotation Expenditure 18000.00 8440.00
  Comunication Expenditure 11576.00 2308.00
  Eye camp Expenditure 00.00 28142.00
  Teacher Salary 100200.00 50180.00

Scholarship Expenditure

35160.00 00.00
  Programme handling  cost 22702.00 00.00
  Web site expenses 34000.00 00.00
  Miscellaneous Expenses 12839.00 493.00
  Deprecation 23550.00  
  Audit Fee 5000.00 2000.00
  TOTAL EXPENDITUR 417444.50 109867.00
  Saving from This year 85495.90 18444.67
  Saving from Last year 18702.67 258
  Net Saving  upto date 104198.57 18702.67

Himalayan Spirit Welfare Society
Fiscal Year 2066/2067(16July 2009 to 15 July 2010) 

 Income  Statment

01 Krishna Prasad Gautam 1000.00
02 Hari Pokharel 1000.00
03 Irajan Pokharel 1000.00
04 Rajkumar Pokharel 1000.00
05 Dipak Pokharel 1000.00
06 Balaram Gautam 1000.00
07 Deepak Pokharel 1000.00
08 Gokarna Prasad Pokharel 1000.00
09 Petra From Germany 331050.00
10 Collaction From Hari 10000.00
11 Collaction From Krishna 30010.00
12 Tatijana From Germany 27455.00
13 Stephaine From Germany 13293.00
14 Intrest Recived from Bank 1582.40
15 Sales of show case 1600.00
16 Computer recived from Markus .F 40100.00
17 Computer Recived from Krishna 20000.00
18  Fuji Camera Recived from Krishna 19800.00
  Total Income 502940.40
*A Financial Result is Audited by Udaya chandra Sherestha(Member of Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nepal.)

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News & Events
Fare well for class five
Posted Date:  2010-06-27

Excercise book has distributed
Posted Date:  2010-06-27

Monthly Exercise book and pen/pencil distribution for month of Jan
Posted Date:  2010-02-10

Gratitude Marathon !!!
Posted Date:  2010-02-10

Primary level inter school quiz competition
Posted Date:  2010-02-10

Distribution of Jan
Posted Date:  2010-01-10

News of December
Posted Date:  2009-12-13

Children run for kids
Posted Date:  2009-09-08

A scholarship distribution
Posted Date:  2009-08-27

Medical bandage are distributed to community health worker
Posted Date:  2009-06-08

26 March 2009
Posted Date:  2009-03-26

News of March
Posted Date:  2009-03-15

News of Feb
Posted Date:  2009-03-15

Monthly News of December
Posted Date:  2009-01-26

Rita B.K
Posted Date:  2009-01-01

A 18 years girls is comeing to school
Posted Date:  2008-11-01

Empowering Educational programme
Posted Date:  2009-09-22

Let's go school regular
Posted Date:  2008-08-06

Distribution of Medicion
Posted Date:  2008-08-06

Teacher has started his work
Posted Date:  2008-07-16

Affiliation with NGO Federation of Nepal
Posted Date:  2008-07-31

Registration of TAX
Posted Date:  2008-07-11

Affiliation with Social welfare council
Posted Date:  2008-06-19

Registration of HISCOS
Posted Date:  2008-05-13

People's Voice
     Devi's Grandmother
Devi's Grandmother Says:
It was dark evening, where is her mother? She is died! What? She left small children and gone to the second man. We found that she is gone with second husband. It was said moment for everyone. Asked about Devi how she is in study? Her grandmother replied she is in good. And hard working in study. But her father and mother is not at home. I got responsibilities for those children, Said by Dev's grand mother. Devi has sister. Both of them are with grand mother. This we have found in Devi’s life. Even though we are there for her to support for her study. We found her in school good and intelligent student. Her grandmother has very much pleased to the person, who has been looking after her grandchild. Says many thanks from her. Even form public were appreciate the work what we have done.
- Nepal

     Babita's Mother
Babita's Mother Says:
My Name is Buna pokharel. I have given birth to 7 children. My daughter Babita pokharel has sponsored from Hiscos. She is inspired to go school. She never stays at home. She is supported by Hiscos.It help us so much, we don't have to buy any education met arils. I say thank you say thank you very much for supporter and Hiscos.
- Nepal

     Devraj's Mother
Devraj's Mother Says:

Namaskar! I am mother of Devraj. My husband is in India to work as porter, he used carry heavy load in Indian city. In my family we are 6 People.3 Daughter and 1 soon. He is very much Interested in his study. He is very cleaver and good in study. Every exam he holds first and second position. They are knee to see their father. but he has to work for the family. From Hiscos my soon is supported for his study and we still have to struggle for our daughter study. my economic condition is very poor. My children get school uniform, exercise book, pen/pencil and other necessary materials for his school I very happy and like to say thank you very much for the who supported my children and for Hiscos too.

- Nepal

     Devika's Father
Devika's Father Says:

Namaste! My Name is Gokarna Sarki. My Daughter name is Devika mijar. We are 5 members in family, 2 Daughter and 1 son. My wife and I working very hard for my family. My children are going to school with the help of Hiscos. Devika is study at Gogandanda primary school. She study at class two(she has shown to us the hand writing during her visit).I am very happy because My children are supported for education. Which they can read and write. With my economic condition, I am not able to provide good education. So I would like to say thank you very much to the supporter of Daughter as well as Hiscos

- Nepal


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