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Primary level inter school quiz competition

Japhe-6, Dolakha/10Feb 2010 HimalayA inaguration ceromony by opening banner of quiz competitionan Spirit Welfare Society has organized a village primary level inter-school quiz-competition as well as public hearing for income and expenditure of Hiscos.  We had planned to conduct more programs, but due to heavy rain and cold weather we are not able to complete all programs.  Remaining programs will be held on 10 Feb. On the occasion 8 schools are invited among them 6 schools participated incluChairing the guestding one private boarding school. They are as follows: Shree Gogandanda primary school, Sitapaila h.sec school, Chanute l.sec school, Janajoyti pre-primary boarding school, Kalipokhari pre-primary school and Jagreti primary school. There were guests invited from different sectors including political party representatives. TheA student  from Klaipokhari primary school Program was chaired by school principle Narayan Prasad Pokharel and   inaugurated by chief guest Krishna Gautam by opening the banner of primary level inter-school quiz competition. Hiscos secretary Irajan Pokharel announced Hiscos income and expenditure of fiscal year 2065/2066 as well as vice-secretary Dipak pokharel presented the Hiscos progress to date. Representative of political parties and guests from different Schools appreciate thA teacher scoring the pointe work and commitment to help their sector. Quiz competition had 90 question selected.  Among 6 schools, Shree Gogandanda primary school scored 17 points and secured 1st position.  Jana joyti pre-primary boarding school has got 12 points securing 2nd position and Chanute l. secondary school got 11 pointsPriz distribution  for  winner student and secured third position.  Kali pokhari and sitapaila h.sec school got equal points and got the same position. Prizes were awarded by chief guest Krishna Gautam and he expressed his thanks to all who participated.  Mr Gautam stated that such programs help to increase the students skills, make them strong in talent as well as competitive. The public and students were watching the contest on heart thrilling cold and rainy weather. Final score To see more Photos, click here!!!!!

Posted Date: 2010-02-10

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Primary level inter school quiz competition
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People's Voice
     Devi's Grandmother
Devi's Grandmother Says:
It was dark evening, where is her mother? She is died! What? She left small children and gone to the second man. We found that she is gone with second husband. It was said moment for everyone. Asked about Devi how she is in study? Her grandmother replied she is in good. And hard working in study. But her father and mother is not at home. I got responsibilities for those children, Said by Dev's grand mother. Devi has sister. Both of them are with grand mother. This we have found in Devi’s life. Even though we are there for her to support for her study. We found her in school good and intelligent student. Her grandmother has very much pleased to the person, who has been looking after her grandchild. Says many thanks from her. Even form public were appreciate the work what we have done.
- Nepal

     Babita's Mother
Babita's Mother Says:
My Name is Buna pokharel. I have given birth to 7 children. My daughter Babita pokharel has sponsored from Hiscos. She is inspired to go school. She never stays at home. She is supported by Hiscos.It help us so much, we don't have to buy any education met arils. I say thank you say thank you very much for supporter and Hiscos.
- Nepal

     Devraj's Mother
Devraj's Mother Says:

Namaskar! I am mother of Devraj. My husband is in India to work as porter, he used carry heavy load in Indian city. In my family we are 6 People.3 Daughter and 1 soon. He is very much Interested in his study. He is very cleaver and good in study. Every exam he holds first and second position. They are knee to see their father. but he has to work for the family. From Hiscos my soon is supported for his study and we still have to struggle for our daughter study. my economic condition is very poor. My children get school uniform, exercise book, pen/pencil and other necessary materials for his school I very happy and like to say thank you very much for the who supported my children and for Hiscos too.

- Nepal

     Devika's Father
Devika's Father Says:

Namaste! My Name is Gokarna Sarki. My Daughter name is Devika mijar. We are 5 members in family, 2 Daughter and 1 son. My wife and I working very hard for my family. My children are going to school with the help of Hiscos. Devika is study at Gogandanda primary school. She study at class two(she has shown to us the hand writing during her visit).I am very happy because My children are supported for education. Which they can read and write. With my economic condition, I am not able to provide good education. So I would like to say thank you very much to the supporter of Daughter as well as Hiscos

- Nepal


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